EDI Services


HIPAA Compliant Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Eligibility and Benefit Verification. (270/271)
Claims Status (276/277)
Claims History (276/277)
Claims Filing (Institutional and Professional) (837)
Referrals and Authorizations – (inbound and outbound) (278)
Remittance Advice and Explanation of Benefit (835)
Electronic Funds Transfer (835)
Claims Edit transaction

HealthNet Data Link, Linking Payers and Providers electronically 

Electronic Transaction Services are available through HealthNet Data Link (HDL) an eHDL company. "A leader in payer connectivity."
HDL offers integrated, HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services over a secure encrypted data network. Using HDL’s Electronic Transaction Services (ETS), access to multiple Payers are available thorough single login HDL-WEB Browser Interface.

HIPAA-Compliant Hosting and interfaces for back-end connectivity are available for Payers such as HMO’s, PPO’s, PHO’s, IPA’s, MSO’s, Insurance Companies, and Employer Benefits Organizations.

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Provider Networks
Billing and Collections Companies
Long-Term Care Facilities
Out-Patient Centers
Government Health Programs


Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Single login access is provided to Payers, using HDL’s WEB Browser. Alternative access is available, using Software Batch PC/Windows, Green Screen Terminal Emulation and Batch Download. HDL business is focused on connecting health care customers to Florida Medicaid and Medicare. 

Referral and Authorization Services

Reduce time consuming phone calls, required to make referrals and receive authorizations.

Claims Submission Services

HDL is an All Payers Clearinghouse – Your One-Stop Claims Submission Shop.
HDL’s Electronic Transaction Services accepts and transmits claims from
Practice Management Systems
Hospital Information Systems
HDL’s Browser-Base Direct Data Entry Interface System
HDL Handles all formats for Professional and Institutional Claims … NSF, HIPAA-837, UB’s, etc.

Claims Status Services

HDL downloads Status on Multiple Claims, electronically all at once.
HDL’s On-Line Claims Status Inquiry provides instant status on claims, prior to and following adjudication for payments. 

Claims Clean-Up Services

Avoid payment delays associated with initial Claims Submissions.
HDL Electronic Transaction Claims Clean-Up Services provides Primary and Clinical Edits before claims are submitted to Payers.

Remittance Advice

HDL’s Remittance Advice Services provide payment information on behalf of Payers against Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for contracted customers.

Electronic Transaction Services for Payers

Eliminate headaches associated with building and deploying HIPAA-compliant transactions interfaces. HDL provides turnkey hosting interfaces that Payers can use to connect to Providers.


Web Access

HDL provides a single login, encrypted WEB Browser access to all applications with seamless back-end integration. HDL’s Web Browser Interfaces are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Special features include rapid response, multi-user and multitasking capabilities, and easy setup. No installation of software is required. Access is available through HDL’s web site www.ehdl.com. Installation, setup, training, and support can be done On-Line, or On-Site.

Software Batch PC/Windows Interface

HDL’s Software Batch Application accepts medium to large batches in Windows Microsoft Word, Excel, Text, or ASCII formats, allowing contracted customers to merge, edit, update, save, and/or delete batches.

Batch Download Services

Contracted customers can submit a Batch Download to HDL in any format (Excel, Access, Oracle, ASCII, Flat File, Report Format, Word, Text, etc.). HDL Data Conversion and Clean Up Services are available before queries are submitted at the customers’ request. HDL EDI Batch Processing is available for Eligibility, Referral, Authorization, Claims Submission, Claims Status, and Remittance. Customized user-defined fields are allowed for generating special reports.

HDL’s Batch Services have been utilized by facilities to enhance collections on Self-Pay and Indigent Patients, who might otherwise convert from indigent to Medicaid within 12 months of services being rendered. 

Green Screen Terminal Emulation

Hospitals and Insurance can use their existing Legacy Systems to access HDL’ s Information Network.

HDL can link to Legacy Mainframes and AS-400 Systems common in hospitals and insurance companies, utilizing LU2 and LU62 Terminal emulation interfaces.

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