Solutions for Insurance Companies

Electronic Transactions, TPA Services, and Managed Care Systems

The number of Health Care participants involved in the process of approving, managing and delivering care to a single patient creates a series of complex interactions among numerous participants. The involvement of payers, providers, physicians, laboratories, pharmacies, suppliers, insurance and the government lead to complicated working relationships among the participants in the process. Consequently, many layers of communications and transactions are required. From patient office visits, to laboratory orders, to prescriptions, to referrals, to eligibility checks, to claims processing, many of these processes are manual or paper-based.

Payers have been negatively impacted by the lack of efficient information technology. They must maintain more employees to receive telephone inquiries regarding verification of eligibility claims status etc. relying on person-to-person communications. This introduces high costs and considerable delays. Administrative costs are estimated to consume 25% of healthcare expenditures.

eHDL, Inc. offers a suite of IT Technology solutions that help managed care and other insurance companies run with greater efficiency and cut-down on administrative costs. 

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